5 reasons why you should invest in property in Mallorca

5 reasons why you should invest in property in Mallorca

There are countless reasons why anyone would jump at the chance for a change of lifestyle. And what better than owning a property, and living, on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca? More and more international clients and long-term tenants are making the personal decision to live a healthier and happier life under the Mallorcan sun. If you are still unsure whether a property on Mallorca is right for you, then it is worth reading on because one thing is certain: Mallorca remains the place to invest. And we have summarised the island’s top five advantages for you. An increasing number of international investors and long-term rental clients are adopting new, happier and healthier lives in the sunshine - why not join them? Mallorca has it all and we have whittled the myriad advantages down to five for you.


1. Stay connected on Mallorca - transport and technology

Although you will be living the dream on an idyllic island paradise in the western Mediterranean Sea, you will feel like you are connected to the rest of the world. Firstly, no matter where you choose to live on Mallorca, Palma Airport is a central hub that is easily reachable by car or taxi; in fact, the longest distance across the entire isle is just 120 kilometres! What is more, Son Sant Juan airport is the third largest in Spain with four terminals that cater to endless domestic and international flights, so you need not worry about frequent, reliable trips to your home country for business or to visit family, or to jet off on vacation. If you live in Mallorca, the world really is your oyster! Palma Airport is also renowned for its efficiency and relative calm. In spite of the estimated 29 million passengers that pass through each year, security and check-in are seldom problematic so you will be whisked through to duty-free shopping in no time at all. 

Again, wherever you live on the biggest, and arguably brightest, Balearic island, you will discover that the infrastructure and transport networks also alleviate stress. Whether you prefer to drive a car or motorcycle, the roads, particularly in the southwest of the island, are well-maintained and enjoyable to experience. Life in Mallorca really is uncomplicated, leaving you the space and time to relish the sunshine and the views. 


2. Wifi and smart working on Mallorca

In today’s world, with more people working remotely than ever before, fast internet connectivity is imperative for smart working.The brilliant news is that over 98% of the Balearics have high-speed broadband which makes working from Mallorca as effective as living in any capital city across the globe. In fact, in 2019 the Balearic Government conducted a study which determined that fast wide broadband coverage and Mobile 4G network are available almost everywhere on the island. In addition, you will find fibre optic connections that offer high-speed broadband of 100Mbps in over 82% of homes. For potential property investors, this first-class connectivity is a major selling point as it ensures that everyone can work efficiently and effectively whilst basking in the island’s glorious Mediterranean lifestyle. 


3. Excellent education on Mallorca

With 17 international schools, when you come to select a school for your children you will be spoiled for choice. From pre-school to primary to sixth-form and International Baccalaureate, there are a wide range of welcoming faculties that provide excellent personal and intellectual learning in a multilingual, multicultural environment. Queen’s College, attractively located on the outskirts of Palma de Mallorca, prides itself on academic excellence and offers the British curriculum up to the completion of A’ Levels or the Spanish Baccalaureate. Similarly, in the southwest of the island, King Richard III College in Portals Nous and Baleares International College deliver a wide, broad and challenging British curriculum for learners from the age of 2 to 18 years old. The Academy in Marratxi has a more rural setting and intimate learning environment whilst Agora Portals International School has a sprawling campus with a Music Academy. For alternative education, the Montessori Mallorca School in Santa María and the Fundació Sa Llavor School in Binissalem provide a more holistic approach. In Manacor, the Rafa Nadal International School, founded by the world-famous Mallorcan tennis player, allows students to combine sports and dreams of international success with their studies. 


4. Exceptional healthcare on Mallorca

Another factor of paramount importance that attracts new residents to the island is the astounding healthcare. With five main public and six private hospitals, dozens of private clinics and over 60 local public surgeries, Mallorca grants you access to first-class, multilingual specialists and advanced medical treatment. You and your family are safe in the hands of the attentive, efficient specialists that the island has to offer. 


5. Mallorca´s climate

Last but not least, Mallorca’s biggest draw is undoubtedly its reliably warm weather all year round. This wonderful Mediterreanean climate of hot, dry summers and mild winters will allow you to take full advantage of the breathtaking beaches, sparkling sea and mountains that are popular with hikers and cyclists. Scientifically proven to make you happier, sunshine really is one of the keys to contentment and combined with all the other positive elements that the island has to offer, where is better to build a new life than Mallorca? Engel and Völkers will support you to fulfil your life’s dream and our experienced real estate experts, with their local market expertise, will guide you to make the perfect property purchase

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