The legendary nightlife in Mallorca - Tito's & Lío

The legendary nightlife in Mallorca - Tito's & Lío

A journey through time - their history and future. While Tito's has attracted party-goers from all over the world since 1923 with an impressive list of Hollywood celebrities such as Marlene Dietrich, Frank Sinatra and Grace Kelly. The opening of Lío will be an exciting new hotspot on Palma's Paseo Marítimo. The famous restaurant-cabaret Lío opens this August in Mallorca, following its successful openings in Ibiza, Mykonos and London where all the clubs offer unique experiences and fascinating stories from the past and present.


Tito's: A journey through time

Tito's has been an integral part of Mallorca's nightlife for almost a century. The glass lift that takes guests up a dizzying 50 metres is just the beginning of what will be an unforgettable evening. Once at the top, there’s a breathtaking view across the sparkling Bay of Palma - the view alone is well worth the visit! Inside the club, the two-storey dance floor invites guests to party and dance. However, Tito's was never just a discotheque, it was a place with a fascinating history. Looking back to the 50s and 60s, legendary international singers and musicians including Josephine Baker and Ray Charles performed there to packed audiences where Hollywood stars such as Kirk Douglas and Liz Taylor were regular guests. With the 70’s came the new era of discotheques, and the club was transformed into a trendy disco which became synonymous with Palma’s pulsating nightlife and exuberant parties.

Tito´s Historia VideoVideo: Titos Palma History (1967-2015) Source: Mallorca Daily Bulletin

In 2020 the club’s history took an unexpected turn when the covid pandemic brought Tito's and many other clubs around the world to their knees. Yet the appeal of this legendary club remained.


Lío: the modern embodiment of glamour and entertainment

While Tito's looks back over its long history, Lío is as an exciting newcomer to Palma's nightlife. The Pachá Group has completely renovated the venerable building and created the stylish cabaret restaurant, Lío, with the objective of not only restoring the building, a century after it was built, but also to revive the glamour and vibe of the club’s heyday and  give it a new lease of life in a modern guise.

Lío Palma De Mallorca

Lío is a multifunctional venue that combines restaurant, cabaret, discotheque and club in one. The show "SIMPLY THE BEST" promises a unique mix of the best musical scores in history, impressive choreography and breathtaking acrobatics - with magnificent costumes and lighting design. The “must see” show is performed during dinner and promises to captivate the entire audience.

A superb culinary experience is provided by the two leading Mallorcan chefs; Andreu Genestra, who’s restaurant has been awarded a Michelin star, and Felip Moreno. Their Mediterranean inspired menu reflects the essence of Mallorca in every bite and takes guests on a gastronomic journey with quintessential flavours of the island.

Lío's spectacular space was designed by international interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán, reknowned for his work in the world's most famous nightclubs. His design is inspired by the Tramuntana winds, the venue presents semi-circular grandstands facing the stage, with an impressive panoramic glass façade as a backdrop overlooking the port and bay of Palma.

Lío Mallorca - Show


A tribute to the past and the future

Tito's and Lío, two names that represent different types of nightlife and club scenes in Mallorca. While Tito's has a rich history of glitz and glamour, Lío is the modern embodiment of glamour and entertainment.

The spirit of Tito's will live on through Lío's shows and events, adding a new dimension to the Balearic island's nightlife. Yesterday, today or tomorrow, Tito's or Lío, the club will continue to delight and captivate its guests from all over the world.


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