PNI Immobilien - Ecologically perfected architecture

PNI Immobilien - Ecologically perfected architecture

PNI Immobilien stands for energy-efficient construction, innovation and the highest quality. We spoke to the company's founder and architect, Dipl. Ing. Lothar Niederberghaus, who is setting new standards in sustainable building in Mallorca.


PNI Immobilien has made it its mission to develop energy-efficient projects.
How is this implemented?

Developing energy efficient projects is based on an interdisciplinary approach. Numerous factors, such as the orientation and opening of the building to the cardinal points with shading and sunlight, as well as the building physics of insulation and intentional energy input must be considered. But also storage capacity and conductivity of materials are of importance. In addition, the energetic concepts with regenerative energies including intelligent control come into play. In short, only an integrated approach leads to efficient results.


When did energy efficiency become the focus of PNI Immobilien and what was decisive for this priority of your work?

I have been involved in general planning since my studies in the 1970s, and have built up our planning company agn into one of the largest general planning offices in Germany. Interdisciplinary construction is second nature to me, so I can't think of any other way to think and build than in an interdisciplinary and energy-efficient way.


One of the key features of your buildings is simple, self-evident operation. What exactly makes the operation of your properties so user-friendly?

Ultimately, the technology has to think along with us and enable anyone who is not so tech-savvy to operate the house intuitively - whether via cell phone or via a panel on site. It should be simple and understandable. Technology should serve and relieve the user, from error or fault messages to video surveillance or alarm systems, everything should be easy to operate and understand. Technology must serve.


Compared to your projects in Germany, what challenges do you face on Mallorca during the planning and construction phase? And what challenges are particularly motivating for you?

Challenging are the diverse and different building requirements of the various municipalities and the little uniformity in the building codes. And finally, achieving the desired quality, since there are hardly any apprenticeships in construction here. However, what is motivating is the openness of the contractors and employees to achieve new techniques and quality standards. The employees here in construction still see themselves as service providers. The question, "do you not like something, should we still change it?" would not exist in Germany, here it does!

 Villa Castanyetes3

Villa Castanyetes - Port Andratx 

With your work, you are setting new standards on Mallorca. How do your projects differ from other innovative homes on Mallorca?

We want to set quality standards! We do not see ourselves as classic builders / developers who are purely commercially driven. As an architect and general planner, we want to achieve the highest possible quality in execution, technology, design and sustainability. Building in Mallorca is expensive in itself, so the result needs to be of the highest quality. As a result, we want to develop individual one-of-a-kind properties that form a coherent whole that buyers will fall in love with and feel comfortable in.



When you look back on your real estate projects over the past 40 years, what are you particularly proud of as an architect?

The many projects for which I was responsible as general planner. In the competition, we were able to prove our competence again and again against large, renowned architectural firms, developed many technically innovative projects and repeatedly made a name for ourselves with progressive developments. Thus with an ice storage concept for the archives of the state capital Stuttgart, the earth air register with PCM storage for the district court Düsseldorf, the waste heat power station for the leisure bath Plettenberg, the general planning for the stadium in Hoffenheim, which was the only one in Europe, the new building of the city hall in Korbach, where we recycled 70% of the building material of the old building (Urban Mining) the conversion of the airport Tegel in Berlin, which we implement completely digitally, from the substance acquisition to the implementation ... u. a.m.

Discover Villa Castanyetes - Port Andratx 

What else can Mallorca learn from you in terms of sustainability?

Mallorca is not supposed to learn anything from us, that would be an arrogant view. We want to attract attention through sustainability and innovative buildings, so that other planners and developers also realize that it is time to build sustainably.

Years ago, a developer told me it would be commercial nonsense to build geothermal or rely on renewable energy, and now he is doing the same. I am pleased that something has happened so quickly. Competition stimulates business, that's how it's always been. Therefore, I expect many positive developments in the future, so that building in Mallorca will be more CO2-neutral and sustainable. Building must not cause a bad conscience, but contribute to a better world. With each project we want to make our contribution to make the world a little bit better and more beautiful.


Lothar Niederberghaus1

Dipl.- Ing. Lothar Niederberghaus,
architect and Managing Director


After studying architecture at the University of Applied Sciences in Münster and the Technical University in Aachen, Lothar Niederberghaus was managing partner of agn Niederberghaus & Partner GmbH, which he turned into one of the largest owner-managed planning companies in Germany. After his retirement from the active management of agn, he dedicates himself to high-quality real estate projects with pni-Immobilien.

Dipl.- Ing. Lothar Niederberghaus
 Sa Gavina . Nova Santa Ponsa

New project Sa Gavina - Nova Santa Ponsa

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