The new Club de Mar will give the port of Palma a new face

The new Club de Mar will give the port of Palma a new face

Palma’s harbour Club de Mar is currently undergoing a process of complete transformation. All old buildings have already disappeared and will soon be replaced by a new Club de Mar with new club facilities and more than 70 moorings for yachts between 50 and 170 metres in length.

 With an initially planned investment of over 60 million euros the renovation works are the largest private works in a nautical facility in Spain and will make the harbour a reference in the whole Mediterranean. We talked to José Luis Arrom Miranda, Director General of Club de Mar to get some insights about the project.


What are the numbers behind the Club de Mar project?

The final investment is difficult to quantify, given the changes that the world economy is undergoing, first with the pandemic and now with the war in Ukraine, but according to our calculations it will be around 80 million euros at the end of the whole project.

Marina Club de Mar 

What is the philosophy behind the project and what are the objectives?

Starting with the objectives, we want to take a great step forward in our facilities and services that will allow us to stand out from other nautical sports facilities, prioritising excellence and professionalism above all else and in all areas (sports, training, social, port, etc.). We want to make the Club de Mar Mallorca members feel that pride of belonging, pride of belonging to an entity in which the main values are respect for the sea and its traditions, discretion and elegance. These are basically the foundations that have sustained and driven this great project that we are developing.

We want to modernise our facilities, bringing them up to the level of the best marinas in Europe, but at the same time it is vital for us to maintain our idiosyncrasy, which is our SOUL and our philosophy of life. Curiously, this has been the most difficult thing for our partners to understand "Evolve to remain the same with humility as greatness, and excellence as a quality".


What is the current state of construction?

After the inevitable delays due to the pandemic, work is now progressing at an excellent pace. The marina is currently 70% complete and construction is at 10%. The pace of construction has now gathered momentum and we hope that the new buildings will soon be visible from the Paseo Marítimo.

Club de Mar Palma


When will we be able to enjoy the new Club de Mar? The planned date for the end of the project and the grand re-inauguration of the club is the first quarter of 2024.

 What are the main challenges of such a large project? A project of this size means facing major challenges on a daily basis. Amongst all of them, in my opinion, the main challenge is to keep the budget as tight as possible and to avoid cost overruns due to modifications.


What distinguishes the new port in terms of sustainability?

The Club de Mar Mallorca has long been immersed in minimising its environmental impact by implementing all the measures within its reach and even going beyond what is required by the regulations. The entity has shown its permanent interest in reducing its carbon footprint and has certified this environmental registration since 2019.

Since 2008 the Club de Mar Mallorca has been part of the EMAS Register of the European Union. This EU-endorsed environmental certification, which in this case is entirely voluntary, is objective proof of our ongoing efforts to respect and care for our environment. The aim is always to guarantee that the environmental footprint of our activity is the smallest of all the nautical facilities in the Balearic Islands. As a result of this interest, the Club de Mar Mallorca has become a reference in this aspect for marinas and the nautical industry throughout the island. 

A vital part of the new port we are creating is the implementation of an innovative environmental strategy. We will become an intelligent marina that will lead the way and become a model for the creation of port infrastructures that are more respectful of the environment and in harmony with the marine environment.


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What impact do you think the new port will have on the urban landscape and life
in Palma?

We have integrated ourselves into what will be the new maritime façade of the city. The visual sponging of our project will integrate perfectly with the actions that the City Council and the Port Authority are undertaking on the Paseo Maritimo, specifically in the Portopí area. The aim is to open up the whole area to the inhabitants of Palma and its visitors. I think it will end up becoming a reference for everyone.


On a personal note, what part of the new Club de Mar are you most proud of?


There are two very important parts of the project that we are especially proud of. The first is that we are going to be able to open the Club de Mar Mallorca to all citizens so that they can enjoy our facilities. The second is that, at the same time, we will remain faithful to our tradition of discretion and tranquillity which will allow us to continue to preserve the privacy of all our members.

Jose Luis Arrom Miranda has held the position of General Manager of Club de Mar - Mallorca since 2011. He is trained in labour relations and specialises in tax techniques and international tax advice, financial accounting, balance sheet analytics, financial management and management control. In 2010, he obtained an international master degree in maritime port administration from the International Maritime Business School. He is a member and treasurer of the board of directors of the Association of Nautical Clubs of the Balearic Islands. 



Jose Luis Arrom Miranda, Director General |
Club de Mar, Mallorca 

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